Quality Control
We have realized how the quality of co-extrusion line affects the quality of flexible packaging.
So the machine system is designed to control the quality in line and being save in the system.
Products are re-check  the basic physical property of tensile strength, elongation ,thickness,

sealing strength by QC staffs who are well-trained both theory and practice.

We have developed our film properties in vertically so as to serve broaden application with low cost,
top quality and products efficiency.
For example :  developed the skin layer of extrusion film to enhance the sealing  properties.,
Developed low seal film for high speed packing, We continuously  research and develop more
specific co-extrusion film for particular purpose, other requests are always welcomed.


Freeze CPP  

AWT’ Freeze Cpp film is resistant to low temeratures (up to -20◦c)
Properties :

  • High resistance to low temperatures.
  • High transparency and gloss compare to PE film base.
  • Very good optical and mechanical properties.
  • Good machinability sealing
    Used for :
  • Any packagings require deep freeze with high gloss and transparency.
  • Freeze frozen products
  • Bag for storage of frozen bread, fresh vegetables, any foods kept in freezer / cold storage room.
  • Be able to run surface printing , laminting, side seal bag.
  • Replace Polyethlene with clarity and gloss.


High COF CPP  
Properties :

  • Ultra High Cof >0.70
  • Super gloss and transparency
  • Low sealing
    Used for :
  • Any packaging require high speed packing with low sealing.
  • Bag for rice / any other products pack in high stacking.
  • Bag require high crispy stiffness.


Retort Cpp 
Properties :

  • Good sterilization performance
  • High Seal Strength
  • Good in High temperature resistance is > 130c for at least 10 min.
    Used for :
  • Hot filling
  • Ready to Eat packaging
  • Sterilization & Pasteurization

In addition to our existing products, we have the following new items under Research & Development as follows:

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